Frequently Asked Question

Why is the series called the ‘I Am’ series?

People around the world want to express themselves and find out who they really are. You can see this in the I Am movement that appears a number of places in the media. You will be interested to know that God used the name ‘I Am’ when He called Moses to deliver the Hebrew slaves from Egypt. You can read this story in the Bible in Exodus chapter 3. Jesus used this same name in His teaching as well to describe His identity and what He means to a person like yourself. Since, the I Am series introduces you to Jesus and the difference that He can make in your life, we felt it would be a good name for the series.

I am not a Christian. Can I attend the I Am series?

Absolutely! This series is intended for people like yourself who would be interested in exploring who Jesus is and the difference that He can make in your life?

I don’t know much about Jesus. Will I feel out of place in the group?

Everyone is on a journey and you are welcome to join us, whatever your spiritual background. You can ask whatever question comes to mind or interests you. There is no dumb or silly question. The chances are that someone else in the group will want to ask that same question, so feel free to bring any question that you have.

Is there any cost to joining the I Am series?

No, there is no cost to come and journey with us through the I Am series.